Our Process

How it Works

We are ready to get you into the home of your dreams no matter what the style or desired location — Valleywide.

Get Pre-approved

It’s a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage as early as possible. A loan officer can go over your budget and answer preliminary questions about the process. With pre-approval, you can move forward confidently because you’ll know how much you can realistically afford.

Put 3.5% Down

Construction loans typically require 20% down, plus monthly interest-only payments. With our approach, you don’t need a construction loan. You only pay 3.5% of the value of your future home upfront. No hidden costs or additional fees. This saves our customers $15,000 on average and eliminates the risk of an uncertain construction period.

Select Your Homesite

One of the most important parts of building your dream home is finding the ideal location. With so many available options, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search. Based on your specific criteria, our experts will find the perfect lot in your target area.

Design Your Home

We can customize your home in endless ways to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Anything you can dream up is possible with Hosanna Construction & Realty. At the end of the process, your home will be completely unique. We’ll work with you to design a house you’ll be proud to call your own.

We Build It

All of the planning comes together as we start construction. When it’s complete, we’ll conduct a walk-through to acquaint you with its features. When you are 100% satisfied, the construction period is over and it’s time to get you into your new home.

Enjoy Your New Home

After your new home passes inspection, you’ll receive an occupancy permit that will allow you to move in. Building your dream home is a fulfilling, creative, and rewarding journey. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us for a free conversation.

Financing Information

If you’re considering purchasing a new home, but don’t know what steps to take we’re here to help! We have a loan
officer that’s well-versed in the financing industry, and can help your family get qualified for the right loan, at the best
possible interest rate. When qualifying for a mortgage, it’s important that you bring the following documents
to help prepare your application:

Forms of Identification

Two forms of identification (DL, ID, Social Security Card, birth certificate, passport, etc.).

Paycheck Stubs

Last 30 days of paycheck stubs.

Bank Statements

One month worth of bank statements.


Last two years of W2’s.

Tax Returns

Last two years of tax returns.


DD214, if military.

Mortgage Calculator

We’ll do our best to reply to your request in one business day.

*Mortgage Insurance costs may apply and are not included in the estimated payments reflected here.

Total estimated monthly payment

Principal and interest $1004
Taxes $409
Insurance $75

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